Custom Dropdowns


Hi guys

I am trying to create custom select inputs to ensure their styling is on brand and per design. In order to do this I need to use a third party script (this is the one I’m using

I have managed to get the script working by including it in a script tag in my footer, pulled from the file manager, then initializing the plugin in my main JS file. The issue however is that this only works if I put the init call inside of a timeout function that waits for a second or so before firing.

I imagine this is because form markup is rendered using JS after the page is loaded. What would be the best practise way for me to make the init call so that I know it will always run after the select has been loaded on the page?



Hi @MikeyWallis,

You can tweak the form embed code and use the onFormReady callback, which executes after form is built, placed in the DOM, and validation has been initialized. You can find some more info on tweaking the form embed code here: