Custom Form = Hubspot form



We have a signup form in hubspot, once the signup is completed (from 3 different custom form steps), they will log in to our software (not in hubspot, its our application). Since its a custom form, data is not added automatically like how it would be if it was a Hubspot form.

What information is possible to gather from the custom form to Hubspot database?
we would like to gather:

  • email address
  • workflow
  • company
  • first name
  • last name
  • fullname
  • if customer has accepted GDPR
  • if customer has accepted terms and conditions
  • All information will be added to that contact in hubspot DB
  • trigger hubspot email to redirect to their own ID email to continue the process to log in

If its not possible, is there some other ways to do this? Some workarounds etc.


Hi @quicklunch, is this question in regards to your other topic here? Hubspot data to another application

If so, let's communicate in that thread. In the future try to avoid opening up multiple threads on the same topic! If this is separate entirely, let me know :slight_smile:


Hello! :slight_smile: This is a separate one, about custom forms and not hubspot forms


Hi @quicklunch, in that case, your question should be possible using the Forms API. You'll need to pass data to each individual form using either your own cookie or query parameters. Once all of your form fields are available on the final page, you can then send the data using AJAX using our V3 Forms API endpoint.