Custom HTTP event: how to associate it with existing contact via hubspotutk cookie?



I have external site without hubspot code loaded. For forms I’m successfully using Forms API and as per documentation I pass the value of hubspotutk cookie with every call. Now we want to track when users start the checkout process via events. At that time email is not entered yet, so I can’t pass it. I assume, if I use JS call, it would pass the cookie to the backend and it will properly associate the contact with the event. But how do I achieve this with HTTP API? I tried to pass that value but it does not seem to work (I can’t see event in contact’s profile).

Please advise.

Thank you.


Hi @avs,

There's no way to use the HTTP Events API to associate events with contacts via usertoken. You must include the email in order to associate the event with a particular contact; you might consider pulling the contact from HubSpot using the usertoken, then submitting events with the email in the response.