Custom Integration Live Chat with Webhooks



Hello, I’m looking to integrate a livechat tool that does not have a hubspot plugin. They do offer webhooks and when a visitor initiates a chat, they must provide Name, Email, Zip Code as required fields via their tool. I’m thinking we can use the hubspot forms api to get the proper tracking & basic contacts creation/update, but what about the actual transcript? Would that need to be a separate piece, such as using their webhooks to post to a timeline api or contact engagement api? Is there an easier way that I’m missing? We don’t want to push any hubspot data to them, this is one direction into hubspot.


Looks like they don't currently have a well defined public API for live chats.


Hi @hubber,

We don't currently have a live chat API that would allow storing the transcripts as conversations or allow a two-way chat, but if you're just pushing the transcripts into HubSpot for posterity you could use the Engagements API to create a note on a contact's timeline.