Custom integration with external system using API's



Hi guys, I would like to integrate certain contact properties (Notes, Lifecycle Stage etc…) from Hubspot into our external system using an API. I know that there is a way to integrate from the external system into Hubspot using an API, but is it possible to integrate from Hubspot into the external system using an API?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:



@alon You can set up a web hook in your developer’s portal to send out information from HubSpot to your external system.

You can create a developer’s account here.


Thank you very much for this advice.

Would I use a webhook from workflows once the webhook is setup in the developers portal?


@alon you can use a workflow right from the app. you could alternatively use it from the workflows as well.


Alon, this may be stating the obvious, but you will need something in the middle to consume both sets of API’s. Having done a number of HubSpot CRM/ERP integration projects now, we may just be able to help.

Feel free to contact me to discuss.