Custom interface : Organization chart, planning, risk matrix


Hi all

My company and me are new to Hubspot and would like to develop a custom interface within the Deals’ CRM section. The question did not get any solution at the Customer forum, so I am asking the question here : Would it be possible to develop an interface as described below, and if possible, how much time would it take for a developer to do this?

Below is the description of what we are trying to do, relating to :

  1. For each deal, I’d like to associate a risk matrix. The risks would be placed within a matrix (x-axis : probability, y-axis: impact) and would be associated to a free text field entry in which anyone can enter a description of the risk.

  2. I’d like to associate an organization chart to each deal, here’s a good example :

The tree would be very different among projects (not the same length)

  1. For each, deal, I’d want to associate a planning which has custom dates and free text field entry associated to the custom dates. This planning could have as many stages as we want and look like :

End of August : Response from client on Part 1 of contract XX
15th July : Contract XX Part 2 update to be received and analysed
Quarter 1 2017 : Beginning of installation

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Hi @theodore

We don’t currently support a way to build a custom interface inside the HubSpot application. What you’re looking for is possible, but it would need to be built in a separate system.

  • You can use custom deal properties for the risk probability, impact, and description
  • Deals can be associated with multiple contacts, and it’s possible to see all of the contacts associated with a deal (though the org chart structure would need to be handled in the external app)
  • The planning entries could be stored in HubSpot as engagements. Engagements don’t currently support custom fields, but you can add any text in the body, so after creating the planning item in the external app, you could create a note engagement associated with the deal in Hubspot.


Hi @dadams ,
Thank you for your reply !

I am not sure I understood your last point as I don’t know what “engagements” are. Though I got the general idea. If we were to hire a developer to develop this. How much time would you say it’d take to develop the solution you are thinking about?