Custom Intergration: FluidReview & Hubspot


Hey there!

I run a really great internship program called, Manhattan Sports Business Academy (MSBA).

Given the unique nature of our application process, we use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) called FluidReview (a SurveyMonkey company). By nature, FluidReview is pretty bare bones and isn’t great at doing anything except for actually accruing raw data from the applications.

We’re looking for ways to automate/integrate both softwares so that we can easily see who’s created an account in FluidReview, gather data on them but use Hubspot to add them to mailing lists, email communications etc.

Does anyone have any experience with building out custom integrations like this? We have no in-house web department nor do I have any experience with it on my own so any help would be greatly appreciated! FluidReview does have an open API so I’m sure it shouldn’t be too difficult - I just have no idea where to start…

Please contact me directly at if you can help!

Thanks in advance!

Lorne Segall
Program Director
Manhattan Sports Business Academy (MSBA)