Custom Module code is showing when it shouldnt be



I have a custom module created where a form is shown if a checkbox is checked. The main issue is that the form is appearing by default when the checkbox is unchecked (which unchecked is the default value). This means that when adding the custom module to the blog template, all of our blogs (as far back as 2013) ended up having a form appear.

Below is the code in the custom module:

{% if widget.enable_cta_flyout %} 
    <div class="slide-in">
        <div class="slide-in-content">
            {{ widget.text_before_ctaform }}
            {% if widget.cta_content_type  == 'form' %}
                {% form "slide_in_form", no_wrapper=True, label='Choose a Form for the Slide in CTA'%}
            {% else %}
                {% cta "slide_in_cta" label='Choose a CTA Button', no_wrapper=True %}
            {% endif %}
{% endif %}

I can provide links to the portal template and custom module in question if needed. (I submitted a support ticket #399453; In case any devs get a chance to look into it)


Looks like there was an issue with HubSpots Custom Module Checkboxes. The issue was resolved the afternoon of 10/19/16.