Custom onFormSubmit not working


I m using hubspot form but I want to write my custom code on form submit but form's default onformsubmit is working instead of my 'onFormSubmit'. I want to execute my code on form submission.
portalId: "2916234",
formId: "fcc5528d-a708-4f28-a507-9ace1920044f",
onFormSubmit: function(){
inlineMessage: ' '


Welcome, @Nutan_Singh!

Are you trying to modify the onFormSubmit function on this page?

If so, it's not possible to modify the embed code of a HubSpot form implemented through HubSpot's native form widget. You will have to embed the form in a custom HTML module instead.

If you're referring to a different page, could you share a link so that I can run some tests?