Custom Properties Nested


Is it possible to nest custom properties?

something along the lines of.

property: "collection_of_boolean_properties"
value: {
      property: "prop1", 
      value: true
      property: "prop2",
      value: false 


Hi @Tidyl

This isn’t something that’s possible at the moment. Properties can be added to custom property groups, but the groups don’t affect how the data would actually be formatted for a contact record.

Can you tell me more about what you’d be looking to do with this?


There’s a few useful scenarios I can imagine using this Eg. subscription { tier: , expiry: }, and notifications{ notification_type: true, notifcation_type_2: true}

This is much more organized and keeps parameters cleanly grouped and logically named for the marketing team.


You could use property groups for this. The HubSpot app automatically groups properties in the same group together when viewing the record in the UI.