Custom Properties not return for contacts


Using the contacts API:

Its not returning the custom property number_of_draws for us. I have double check the contact properties etc and this is all setup correctly as far as I can tell. The hubspot UI returns the property just fine. But I cant seem to get it to export it via the API.

Even tried using the demo API: doesn’t return company_name property… But its listed at the top of this call: add this link properly)


Hi @robert2d

Properties will only be included for a contact record if the contact has a value for the property. If a contact has never had a value for the property, it won’t be included in the property data, even if you manually specify the property in the URL.

If you have a contact that has a value for the property, and you’re still not seeing the property when pulling your contacts, can you send me your Hub ID and the contact record you’re seeing this with?


Hi there thanks for clearing that up. I may have missed that in the API docs sorry. Just glad I can see it now(manually edited a contact) I thought we had the property set on users because it shows up as “0” on the hubspot website. But I guess because its a numeric property it defaults to 0.

Anyway thanks again dadams!