Custom Property and the Contacts API



We have added a custom property to our Contacts called mmproduct (which is the internal name). When we use the Contacts API to create a contact we are trying to set that property as well as fname, lname, email, etc. Everything works (the contact is created, fname, lname and email are populated) except mmproduct is never updated and we don’t receive any errors. Our JSON looks like:

var data = {
“properties”: [
“property”: “email”,
“value”: email
“property”: “firstname”,
“value”: firstName
“property”: “lastname”,
“value”: lastName
“property”: “mmproduct”,
“value”: “My Product”

We are posting to this endpoint “/contacts/v1/contact/?hapikey={our key}”.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


@daudirsch are you recording the response you get from this? Do you see the mmproduct property listed in that response? If you’re not recording the response, can you try to GET that record using the API, and do you see the property in the data you get from the API?

Can you see that property in the HubSpot app at all? or is it there but just blank?


Embarrassingly, this ended up being a typo on our side. It is working as expected now. Thanks.