Custom Property for owner



Our company start using Hubspot and now our 8 managers registered as owner. I can get all their information by API.

Is it possible to add custom property to owners? Like "Extension number"? I can add property to contacts, but cannot add property to "Owners".



Hi @tulga, this is not possible at the moment in HubSpot. I do definitely see how an argument for that type of use case could be helpful for many people using HubSpot. I've found this idea that seems pretty similar in our ideas forum and I've upvoted it. I'd recommend you also upvote and provide your specific use-case so that our product team can get eyes on this:

You can create custom owner properties, but they are only used for segmenting your records based on multiple owners and giving ownership access to records with multiple owners. These cannot be pulled from the Owners API, though.