Custom related blog post module



Is it possible to generate a custom module that will allow a content author to select a related blog posts, perhaps a drop down select module that lists any blog post that contains a featured image?

Whilst using topics might seem like the best answer - tutorial, ideally I’d like to provide my content authors with more granular choice, so they can curate the related content which might not necessarily be included in any related topic.

I’m looking to generate a section/row at the bottom of a blog post that has an area displaying any further reading or related content. This is part of a project looking at topic clusters.



Hi @mattdev,

This sounds like it’d be possible, but the implementation would be tricky. There isn’t any built-in methods to list blog posts from within a custom module, so you’d likely need to create a HubDB table with the content you’re looking to include. The module could pull rows from the table based on the options selected in the editor. Here’s a link to our HubDB documentation to help get you started: