Custom Search Platforms like Swiftype


We are experiencing an issue on our blogs which have recently been moved from WordPress to HubSpot. Our issue occurs in the search feature that HubSpot provides. As it stands, the search function on our blog only will search through the post's titles when you enter keywords into the search bar.

Ideally, we'd like it to search all aspects of our blog posts (i.e. authors, titles, content, tags, categories, etc). When we reached out to HubSpot support, they recommended integrating Swiftype to achieve this desired functionality. Our client is operating on a small budget, and balked at anything above the base subscription to Swiftype.

Our question for this forum is:
-Can any developers familiar with the product tell us if we could achieve the desired functionality with just the base subscription of Swiftype?
-Has anyone had success with any alternative options (preferably cheaper options)



Hi @samweber66,

I can't speak to Swiftype, but are you using the new site search functionality? The new site search can perform full text searches across all your content, not just titles. Check it out here: