Custom Signature for email



So we have a bunch of sales reps and when we send out emails I would like it to attach the contacts owner email signature that they can update in their profile and if they do not have one, it will just print their name and email.

I have tried using an if statement like this {% if owner.signature %} or {% if owner.signature is none %} or {% if owner.signature is undefined %} or {% if owner.signature =="" %}

all of them act as if the signature exists, even when it does not. I have used this method to check if other contact properties have values entered, and it works fine, but for some reason this one is not.


@erinbebee The reason this isn’t working is the personalization tokens won’t render until after the HubL executes. The work-around for this is to use smart-content for this.


how would I go about using smart content? The property belongs to the “owner” not directly to the contact.


@erinbebee my apologies I should have read that closer and I read it as contact. At the moment there isn’t a way to accomplish what you are looking for then for the same reason I stated above.