Custom Site Search


Is it possible to remove and or increase the post cap limit of 200 on the blog_recent_posts and or blog_popular_posts functions? If so then HubL can be used as a viable solution for at the very least blog search. This would be especially useful now that Google CSS has been discontinued.

I built a custom search solution for my client OnSIP using HubL. The next iteration will include paging via custom javascript.

However, the biggest limitation now is the 200 post cap. While it might be uncommon for those just ramping up content gen, I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a number of HS customers have more than 200 posts.


@ken If we didn’t place a cap on the posts and tried to return all of them in one call you would see a timeout and never get any posts as the payload would be to large. Placing a cap and forcing people to page creates a much more reliable and consistent API experience.


Makes total sense. I read the documentation as being limited to 200 posts total; had not considered paging. Thanks for the reply!