Custom Subscription Center Page



I’m trying to create a new landing page in hubspot that I want to use as a subscription center page, i.e. for allowing contacts to either set preferences or unsubscribe from all email. Something like this:

Is is possible to create a custom email preference/subscription center and use it to update the preferences/email types and set the “opt out of all emails” property to true if they unsubscribe.

I do not want to make any changes in the default subscription settings. A redirect would be set to the new custom page, because if I create a system page, it does not give me the options to add contact fields in the form.

Any suggestion is welcome!



Hi Sid,

Did you get any further or find any information on this?

I’m also looking to do something similar however it’s not looking like it’s possible. Perhaps using HubSpot API and creating a bespoke custom built page is the alternative.


Hi @benji_thecroc,

Generally, contacts that would like to manage their email preferences click on the ‘Manage subscriptions’ link in marketing emails. Building a page like this would be most effectively done using the Email API.