Customer Map - Prefilter Customer Map API



I'm in the process of creating a "Customer Map" so we can see where out customers are based, when meeting them, we can also see who else is in the area for a visit.

The issue I'm having is that the " Get all companies" API will return every company we have in the database. Unfortunately, not every company in the database is our customer - yet!

Is there a way to prefilter this API to show just those who are marked as a "Customer"?

If not, is there any alternative methods you can think of?

Cheers, Ian


Hi @ian_hill123, there's no way to prefilter companies when using the Companies API, unfortunately. You'll need to continue to get all companies, then filter on your end only the companies with a lifecyclestage of customer


Thanks for clarifying Conner :slight_smile:

We have over 120,000 companies in the CRM, which will take over 500 calls to your API to get all of the companies. Is there a quicker, more robust way? Maybe like getting all companies in a list? Or maybe a Reporting API?


Hi @ian_hill123 unfortunately not. Like tickets contacts and deals, companies cannot be filtered or grabbed in parallel to limit calls


No worries mate, I'm going to create an external database and use the webhooks to keep it up to date.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:


No worries @ian_hill123 ! :slight_smile: