Customised HubSpot Search solution


After implementing multiple HubSpot websites, I have been encountering a reoccurring issue relating to HubSpot’s Google search limitations (google CSE, google adds, google links to external sites and content, Google axing the private search results etc…)

I am interested in developing a customised search tool, that will sit outside of HubSpot and provide search capabilities to your HubSpot websites, utilising the HubSpot API to gather website URL’s and then indexing the content on your webpages, and providing search results in a configurable search results page.

I have prototyped this solution and have the basics working, however I am interested in gauging the interest of the HubSpot community to see if there is a widespread need for this type of solution for your websites.

Please let me know if you would be interested in a customised HubSpot Search solution?



Hi Lan,

That is great, I am busy working with something like this but by using the hubl function content_search() which HubSpot does not give more details about this feature content_search()