Customize Hamburger Menu



I edit html module into my own home-made menu and want to incorporate them into my current menu module, so that later responsive and enter into hamburger menu when screen gets smaller. I get stuck with this issue. Is there any solutions?


@martina, can you please help us with you page url, or reference. we can create demo for you, I guess we can easily achieve it.



this is the url

can you give a solution to this issue?



Hello Martina,
We have solved your Query please cllick on below link

Hamburger Meun Demo



@martina, I hope it was helpful


Hello Martina,

I hope you have checked link below :

This solves your issue.


Hello Martina,
Let us know if you require any help in implementation of same.



that’s what I use now actually, using menu advanced module. what I want is
input my custom menu, but the result is my custom menu higher than menu
advanced module. why I custom my menu? because I want add image in my menu
and I cannot do that with advanced menu module. Do you have any idea to
solve this?


Hello martina,

Its not custom html menu,

build using hubspot module only, adding images to menu yes it can be achieved too.

We have developed for hubspot users who had hard time, with mega menu. I guess that is what you might be pointing
Please click below links to experience what can be achieved on hubspot platform


We find joy in helping people with hubspot COS challenges, and simplifying COS.

Have fun !!



Hi Dan,

let me check it first, okay? :slight_smile:



Hey that’s nice :innocent: looking forward !!


@dadams @martina

Hello martina,

We got on hubspot forms with custom validation too, I hope this might also be intresting for you :slight_smile:

Hubspot COS, forms with custom validation


sorry, I wanna ask again :slight_smile:
I want to make my menu consist of image and text. But, I get stuck in menu
tree. I can’t add image there. I’ve checked the link you gave me (the mega
menus), but sorry it’s not what I am looking for. maybe another solution?
please kindly reply asap, thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Martina,

can you help me with url (page on which you have menu), and screen shots ( how its you require it ) to be build



this is the link

as you can see, I made a menu at top-right. why I made it? because I want
to make language menu with flag image. for you said I can make it with mega
menu, I know it’s a false.

but, when I was trying to make it, I can’t find a way to put image on menu
tree in advance menu. this is confusing me.


Hello Martina,

please have a look on this page link:


I am seeing it, it is not what I mean