Customize RSS feed for blogs to be able to make it Facebook Instant Articles RSS Feed


I am working on publishing my hubspot blogs as Facebook Instant Articles by using RSS feed. At the moment, Hubspot does not have an integration protocol for Facebook Instant Articles.

Is there a way we can customize the existing RSS feed of blog, to make it RSS feed for Facebook Instant Articles?

For Facebook Instant Articles, we need a RSS Feed in a specific way, which we can find here.

Currently, I do not see a way to customize the existing RSS feed within the Husbspot dashboard.

Any help or workarounds would be highly appreciated.

Leonard Topno


This might help out a good deal on how to implement your RSS feed to Facebook instant articles if you are on a WordPress powered site.
Step by Step Setting Up Instant Aricles


Thanks, GoodwinSM for the reply. But I am on Hubspot Blogs.


Yeah, that does put a bit of a restriction on the options.