Customizing Cookie Consent to Affect All Tracking and Cookies - Not Just Hubspot


We need help ASAP form a Hubspot Developer!

We want to make our web site GDPR compliant, and we think we can do this by customizing the Hubspot Cookie Consent bar so that the "Accept" or "Decline" options are coded to affect all the cookies and tracking, not just Hubspot's as is the out-of-the-box functionality. (For example, Google Analytics.)

When I spoke with Hubspot they told me:
"the policy banner only refers to HubSpot tracking rather than ALL tracking that you may have on your website...Changes can be implemented into this policy banner but a developer will be necessary."

Hubspot went on that state that:
"We've released developer documentation on two additional functionalities that a developer can implement with the cookie policy banner. First, "Get privacy consent status" allows you to get the privacy consent status of the current visitor. For example this can then be used if a developer wishes to control the use of non-HubSpot cookies on their website based on this status.

"Second, "Remove cookies" allows you to remove the HubSpot cookies that have already been set in a visitor's browser. Once cookies are removed, that visitor would see the cookie consent banner (if enabled) on their next page load."

If you can help us, please reply ASAP.

HubSpot Tracking Code with CMS GDPR Consent Tracking

Were you able to get your issue resolved?


Not yet. Still need help.


Check this out:

or you can reach me here:


Hi, Did you get it to work?


Hi @DipinKrishna I'm interested in your proposed solution - have you been able to test and verify that it works?

Thanks, Phil.