Daily limit - when is the next day?


I have a question regarding the daily limit of 40,000 API calls.
I know that it is unlocked “the next day”, but what does “the next day” means?
Is it a limit on a rolling 24 hours? If not, in which timezone is the “next day”?

I mean, let’s imagine I run a script from 7pm (CET/Paris) that makes 40,000 calls and fails at 8pm (CET/Paris) (we’ll disregard the 10 calls/sec limit for the sake of this example).
In this situation, can I make API calls at 1am the next day (still CET/Paris) or do we have to wait until 7-8pm (…) to be unlocked?
Or is it 6am CET/Paris as it’s midnight ET / Cambridge, MA (Hubspot headquarters)?


Hi @fonji

The API limits always reset at midnight Eastern Time, regardless of the time zone setting of the portal.


Thank you, that’s good to know.


Is there any way to know how many calls have already been made since the last reset?
It’s important for me to know if and when I can launch an import script, if you don’t increase our limit for a few days.


The developer FAQ here http://developers.hubspot.com/apps/api_guidelines says that the limit resets based on the timezone settings of the HubSpot account. Could you clarify which is correct? If it’s the timezone of the account, is there a call to get that information? Thanks!


The API Usage Guidelines page has the correct information; the limit resets at midnight based on the time zone setting of the portal. We don’t currently have a way to get the current number of used calls or the time zone setting, but these are things we’re working on now and we plan to release these soon.