Data available for deleted property?


Most weird!- I have been operating with a test property (test_apikey) and another property (apikey) while developing and now when I have deleted the test_apikey property physically in the web-interface I still get data for it when using the api:

The fact that the test_apikey property still exists makes my “JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(hubSpotContact)” fail!?- It only doesn’t fail if I don’t include both “test_apikey” and “apikey” in my model for Contact - but then I also don’t get the information I need!


Sorry, fixed it! :slight_smile:

But in the response the test_apikey is still there even though I deleted the property?


@HenrikJanningJuul We don’t hard delete things right away. This is because some customers will accidentally delete objects or properties and can call into support and they can “undelete” it


ok, when do you hard delete deleted properties?


@laruellef we don’t have a exact date range of when we hard delete anything. Generally I would say that your data will normally be kept for at least 30 days before being hard deleted.