Data mismatch between Email event API and the Statistics API


We are retrieving the Email Events from the API


Statistics for the API (number of count) is obtained from :
The above API gives Bounce, Open, Click, Delivered, Deferred counts for a single Campaign and App ID.

When we check the count for “Delivered” in the second API with the number of records from first APi, the counts do not match.
Can anyone help us know what is wrong? any pointers will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Happens to me as well. Following…


one thing I’ve noticed is that there’s 2 sets of data coming back in the statistics API.

  1. you’ll get a row for each time the email goes out. The big thing here is if you are sending out emails based on time zone, you’ll basically get one row for each time zone.
  2. you’ll get a final row that wraps up the campaign information into one row. This will essentially be the sum of all rows from #1. You can identify this row by looking for the field: processingState and from what I can tell, it only comes in as: “processingState”: “DONE”

Hope this helps!


Will try this out, thank you for the response.


This is great information randall, thank you!

I’ve been trying to get cute on figuring out which is the final, this is my answer I believe.