Data Size of Average Hubspot Account


We're in the process of building a data storage and recovery service for Hubspot, and we're trying to figure out what the average Hubspot back-up could potentially be in terms of a file size if we were to export an account.

Sales CRM
Marketing CRM

I'm not sure if we would be able to export clients websites and landing pages, but if that's possible, we'd like to know what that type of size could entail.

We're trying to properly size our AWS hosting accordingly for our initial BETA launch


Hi @Hubackup, between the varying size of CRM object storage in a given HubSpot Account, along with the size of a website and the amount of modules, pages and layouts inside of an account, coupled with variance in data storage methods, it'd be impossible to give even a rough estimate in size as to how large a given HubSpot Account would, on average, be. We don't measure this number and thus cannot provide that information to you. Thank you - Connor


Excellent response on how it is hard to gather an average, however not helpful for those of us looking to back-up Hubspot and needing to know a total. I am looking into backing up the data with which was recommended to me from Hubspot Support, however, not knowing the size of my CRM in GB affects this.
Is there anyway that I can dive into my portal and find the amount of GB my Hubspot Account is using?


@criesto We're in the same boat right now from a development perspective. We're building out a platform specifically for backing up Hubspot called Hubackup! (We'll let you know as we back-up a few of our own instances.)