Deal API Rate Limit


We've been using the Deal API for a while to move deals between deal stages when users take actions on our site. This worked great for a while but lately all the requests to the Deals API have been failing with rate limiting as the error but the policy is "SECONDLY" not "DAILY" as the documentation and other posts would suggest is normal.

We're able to access the other API's without issues and I don't believe we're actually sending enough requests to trigger the rate limiting. Can someone look into why we're restricted from using this API or how we can modify our usage to fit within the limits? Thanks.


Hi @cbisnett,

The SECONDLY response indicates that you're attempting to send more than 10 requests per second to all endpoints, not just through the Deals API.

As outlined in this documentation and the related topics below, we recommend throttling requests to stay under the per-second limit:


I considered that but the only requests that fail are for the Deal API. It almost seems like there is something different about the Deal API. I'll look into our requests and see if there is something we can do to reduce the number of requests.


Okay, @cbisnett! Let me know what you find.