Deal Description in multiple line



I am creating a deal using using php technology.
I am trying save deal description with multiple lines or as a manually generated mult-line textual content with \n. But in deal of hubspot it is displayed with \n as a content not as new line.

can you suggest, how can I pass data to hubspot api, so it will be visible with new line on hubspot account under deals?

Thank you.


I resolved it on my own.
As I am using php, I used php function PHP_EOL when I need new line. so now its displaying deal description new line after saving it from api.



Hi sameer1,

Did you have any issue setting the Deal description at all? I can’t seem to set it through creating a deal or update a deal. All other fields seem to be set fine but description is always blank. Here is an example of the properties being passed:

[properties] => Array
        [0] => Array
                [value] => TEST DEAL - 12345
                [name] => dealname

        [1] => Array
                [value] => quote_sent
                [name] => dealstage

        [2] => Array
                [value] => 2915.00
                [name] => amount

        [3] => Array
                [value] => This is a test
                [name] => description

        [4] => Array
                [value] => 1480464000000
                [name] => closedate

        [5] => Array
                [value] => 15567941
                [name] => hubspot_owner_id


Every one of the other fields works. Just description is not set.



Nevermind. I also sorted it out myself. It was never actually an issue. For some reason I was looking at the Company Description field instead of the Deal Description.


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I am working with C# so I want to add multi line in Deal Description in API. Please suggest me a solution. I have attached the screen shot.