Deal Endpoints Stopped Working Nov. 20


Did anything happen on November 20? I'm using this endpoint to create a deal:

And on Nov. 20th, it looks like it stopped creating deals. I'm not getting an error message. I didn't change my code (it's PHP/cURL). Did something change on that date?


hi @Chadr, to my knowledge, the deals endpoint did not change since Nov. 20th. Can you reply with the following:

  1. The HubID of the Account you're trying to create a deal in.
  2. The full request URL including the method (exclude your api key) --- in your example, you shouldn't need your portalID in the URL.
  3. An example of the full payload you're sending to HubSpot.

Thank you!


Sure. Here's what I've got:

  1. 152131
  3. {"portalId":"152131","associations":{"associatedVids":32395473},"properties":[{"value":"2018 - - Enterprise","name":"dealname"},{"value":"inquiry_received","name":"dealstage"},{"value":"17","name":"hubspot_owner_id"},{"value":1546554503778,"name":"closedate"}]}

Just in looking at that and the documentation, it looks like that portalId might be the issue? I don't see that in the JSON of the documentation. It's been there for at least a year, though, and worked until Nov 20.


Nope, that wasn't it. The only other thing I can think is it's the hubspot_owner_id. That seems to be a contact owner, and this is a deal. And I believe that has changed recently?


One other piece of info: When I take this data (the request URL and the payload) and paste into Postman, it works fine.


Hey @Chadr, are you in a filtered view in HubSpot? I can see 4 instances of a deal with the same name as above:

If the calls to the endpoint works in Postman, then it should work with PHP/cURL. It's likely something wrong with the implementation, though I don't know of a reason it would stop working suddenly. Perhaps it's a connection issue. I was able to make a POST with the json above to a different hubspot owner ID in my own portal and was successful. Deal owners internal IDs can be found here:


Those are all different deals (long story short, I'm making a call to get the company name that is also stopped working. But wanted to fix this first because I'm guessing they're related).

Here's the other oddity - I'm using other API endpoints on the same server that work. It seems to only be the ones that are deal-related that don't.


Hi @Chadr, I was able to get the deal to go through in Postman and another REST client. Here's my JSON body:

request URL:

"portalId" : "3430672",
"associations" : {
  "associatedVids" : [128401]
"properties" : [
    "value" : "2018 - - Enterprise",
    "name" : "dealname"},
    "value" : "106246",
    "name" : "dealstage"},
    "value" : "27029667",
    "name" : "hubspot_owner_id"},
    "value" : "acb3ff80-402a-433b-8c58-d85696cfa945",
    "name" : "pipeline"

I get a 200 response back from the request. I confirmed with my team the endpoint did not change recently. Do you have your Content-Type header set to application/json? What does your PHP/cURL code look like?


So the cURL error I'm getting is "Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused"

This is starting to make sense. The timing is the same as when we had a new SSL certificate installed on this server. The same thing happened when I turned on SSL in HubSpot a couple months ago. That resolved itself in a few days, though. This hasn't.

It does seem to be affecting other API integrations. Any ideas on how to fix?




Hi @Chadr, unfortunately there isn't much more I can do to help troubleshoot your issue as this is a cert issue on your side and the endpoint isn't malfunctioning. I was able to connect to on port 443 using telnet on my own machine:

I've seen this tool used to diagnose issues in the past: but don't know enough about SSL certifications to know if this is something that might help you out here.


Yeah, understood. Hopefully it resolves itself.

Do you have any logs that would give me any more information about why you're refusing connection?