Deal ID through reporting


Hi - is it possible to retrieve the dealID through reports on hubspot CRM? I cant see it in an export file and can only seem to retrieve from the record URL or using the hubspot APIs. Any help appreciated.




Hey @Martin_Hamilton,

An object’s ID is only accessible through the APIs, or in the URL as you’ve mentioned.



How do I get a deal ID in the first place? I can’t seem to view anywhere in the normal UI or in any report. If I want to pull a deal detail, I need to know what ID is associated with the deal I want. We use an external quoting tool to pull in the detail on a deal once we’ve created, just don’t know what the dealID is for the deal we want.


Was there a solution to this? I also think it would be helpful to get the DealID to use for business operations purposes in Hubspot


Hey @Keith_Barr and @toppyv,

The best way to get see Deal Ids is through the API, for example you might use the Get All Deals endpoint and page through the responses to get all the deals from a portal. The responses will have the Deal Ids in them which you can then use to refer to them later.

If you only wanted the ID for a specific deal, you could go into the UI and grab the Deal Id from the URL. The URL is structured like so for this url the Portal ID is 589323 and the Deal ID 127315398

Hopefully that clears things up but if not let me know.



Hi Zack,

We made a field in the Contact Property called DealID, I wanted to get the specific ID for a deal automatically, is there a way that I can automatically retrieve the DealID without going manually into the UI and grabbing it from the URL?


Hey @toppyv,

Can you tell me a bit more about why you created a contact property for Deal ID? There is already an associations array for each Contact that will give you all the associated Deal IDs for that given contact. From a business logic perspective, how do you know which deal you want to find? If it’s by which Contact the deal is associated to, I suggest you check out the associated deals via this endpoint If there is something else driving your business logic, let me know.