Deal Report Export in hubspotCRM



Is it possible to export a report with the following columns:


i have been able to extract the following but cant do the above!


any help appreciated.


Hi @Martin_Hamilton,

Have you been able to follow the instructions listed here:

As long as you set up columns in your view (which you can do here: You should be able to export everything you have about the Deal (will be Stage, not probability though)



Hi Zack - sorry for the tardy reply. i followed the instructions and that seems to work ok for what i can see. The only issue I have is not being able to see a unique reference number against each deal. In I can extract the opportunityID but cant in Hubspot. Do you know if this is something that will be coming in a future release or is available in any beta trial we can join?




Hi @Martin_Hamilton,

Glad to hear that those are working for you. Right now there are no plans on including the internal ID as a property in the export. It’s part of the identity_profiles so it would be redundant to also include it an export since an export just deals with properties. If you need the internal ID you can grab that from the API, which returns the full record, not just the properties. The relevant deal endpoints can be found here:



Thanks Zack. I will take a look at that. ultimately i will probably extract into qlikview via the API so can export from there if necessary.