Deal workflows, Deal based syncing questions and validation



Hey everyone,

We will need to sync Deal data from HubSpot to our internal tools so that we can satisfy our business requirements.

We are considering this flow:

  • Every few minutes we get the recently modified Deals API end point, and filter by the pipeline stage.

  • Then sync these deals to records in our database which have matching Deal ids, or create new records if the Deal id does not exist.

To facilitate this we are going to require specific pieces of information when a Deal moves to a specific pipeline stage.

Some issues that we think we are going to face:

  • Some of this information will need to be validated (such as addresses and contact information: telephones, emails), we have not found a simple way to do this. We are considering using the required fields form that pops up but we cannot support any nice validation with this form. Do you have any suggestions for supporting more validation on required pipeline fields?

  • We also considered using Deal triggers but we found that these triggers do not support webhooks. Is there a timeline for Deal workflows being able to support webhooks?

  • We are also considering using a custom form linked to HubSpot so that we can support all of the validation that we require. Is there a way to force a form to be filled in when a Deal changes pipeline stage, and have this form populate data on the Deal?

  • Is there a way to have a data field in a Deal where we can link to contacts that already exist in our HubSpot?

  • And lastly, How can we query products that are associated to a Deal?

Also, does anyone have any general suggestions about how we could improve this data flow?


Hi @damien_alveole,

That flow seems logical to me. Regarding your follow-up questions:

  1. While required pipeline fields cannot be validated within HubSpot, you could conceivably pass the data through external validation services (via their APIs) before creating or updating deal records in your system. This would certainly not be a "simple" solution, however.

  2. I believe the team plans to add webhook support to deal-based workflows in the future, but I am unaware of any concrete timeline.

  3. This would not be possible. HubSpot forms and the Forms API update the contact object and deal-based workflows (which would be necessary to copy contact property information to a specific deal property) do not have form submission enrollment triggers. Furthermore, there's no way to require a HubSpot user to fill out a form based on a change within the account.

  4. The only way contact objects can be listed or "linked" to a deal would be to associated the objects, which you could do programmatically with this endpoint.

  5. Products are associated with specific deals through line items. You can pull all line items associated with a given deal via this endpoint using the definitionId 19, as listed here.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

Thank you for your help -- you've surely saved me hours of wading through documentation.

  1. I guess we will implement some server-side validation -- do you take feature requests? :wink:

  2. Cool, looking forward to them.

  3. Okay, we will consider another flow.

  4. Okay, this is something we could look into.

  5. Perfect, thanks.


Hi @damien_alveole,

Happy to help! We certainly do take feature requests on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum. I recommend creating, upvoting, and commenting on features you would like implemented, keeping in mind these best practices.

I found this idea, which seems similar to your use case, but if it's not a great match, feel free to post another.