DEALS API - How to get all deals in a particular sales stage


We are trying to build an application on top of the Hubspot CRM. And with this, we would be needing a way to get the Deal records of our account. However, we could not find an API which fetches all of the deals in one API call. Our workaround was to use the Get Recently Modified Deals API and set the month to January of this year. This returns (based on our experience) up to 200 deals max only. With this, we have 2 questions:

  1. Is there an API or any workaround which allows us to get all of our deals past the 200 limit (API doc states 500 is max)?
  2. Is there a way to pass additional parameters, say “month” or “sales stage” to trim down the returned records and fit the limit?



The recently modified deals endpoint will return all deals it just returns them in reverse chronological order by last modified date. You will need to use the offset to paginate back in time.

It looks like the count maxes out at 100 deals, I’ll get the docs updated.




the headline states my current problem, but description and answer differ. So here the question again: Is there a way to retrieve all deals in a given state through the API?

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I would also like that question answered!


Hi, Seb, I’ve the same situation . I need to fetch all the deals by given stageId


@seb_fairchild Is there any way to get total deal number for current month via API?


@rohitgupta1017 right now we don’t support that type of server side filtering. You would have to maintain a copy of the deals in your system and do the filtering there. Right now the best way to get this information is via the UI.


@zwolfson Is there any way to fetch information after filtering… I need to integrate that information with Google Sheet?


Right now this is not possible.