Deals API Improvement Suggestions



The only way I’ve been able to get a Deal created via the API is by using the UUIDs for dealstage and pipeline; that is, with a POST body like the following:

    "associations": {
        "associatedVids": ... // the Contact ID
    "portalId": ..., // the portal ID
    "properties": [
        { "name": "dealname", "value": "hello world" },
        { "name": "dealstage", "value": "afd38aa1-270e-46a6-b474-7a6d54464ee3" },
        { "name": "pipeline", "value": "d88a8542-bcff-4f10-8a02-1d42bb03b1a8" }

However, the Create Deal documentation was remarkably unclear on this point. In fact, I’d go as far to say the example provided is misleading because it shows English words as values rather than UUIDs.

IMHO I’d recommend that the API be enhanced to accept the name of a dealstage and pipeline rather than require the UUIDs. (Assuming, of course, that a Pipeline name must be unique within the context of a portal and a Deal name must be unique within the context of a Pipeline… which in my head all makes good sense.)

If I’ve misunderstood something or have crossed my wires (or my idea cannot be implemented) I’d recommend the documentation be enhanced to make it clear that the IDs must be used rather than the names.

Hope this helps.


@mpi The default pipeline will respond with english names which is why the example shows that. I appreciate the feedback and will pass this along to our product team about enhancing our Deals API and returning english for all of the pipelines


Thanks for taking the feedback in the positive spirit with which it was offered, @pmanca. I’m working with other APIs for which I have some feedback, too. If there is a better medium for providing feedback (assuming you want it at all! :slight_smile:) let me know, otherwise I’ll create Topics within the appropriate area.


@mpi We have an ideas board that you can post to.