Deals API Limit


Hi, we’re using Deals to store reservation data. We capture our reservation data in Salesforce once a day, and then we push that data over to HubSpot. We also push over any reservation records that have been updated since yesterday.

We’re sending over and updating a lot of data each day. 2,000 new records get sent over, and we need to update upwards of 10,000 each day. Is this possible under the existing API limits? Currently we just can’t seem to update records fast enough. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.


Hi @digitaldigital

Are you using the HubSpot Salesforce connector? The connector has the ability to sync Salesforce Opportunities to HubSpot deals.


We’re not using the Salesforce Connector, because our reservations aren’t stored on the opportunity object. They’re stored on a custom object in Salesforce. Thus we decided to use the Deals API to funnel data from our custom Reservations object to Salesforce.


Our current API limits (listed here) are 10k calls per day. We’re working on bulk update endpoints for deals but they’re still a ways off right now.

What data are you sending to HubSpot and how are you using that data? Are all of the changes to the 10k records that you’d need to update changes that you’re working with in HubSpot?


We send reservation data (arrival date, departure date, status of your reservation) and related fields to HubSpot. We use the data to personalize and segment our email messaging. It’s important that those data points that need to be updated (again, around 10k) are updated on a daily basis so we have the most current data for our emails.