Deals api not returning deal amount



When asking for all deals and passing ing the &properties=amount to the api endpoint the amount is not returned. It return using the demo api key but not the actual production api key.


@FilipeFerreira I can I see the full call you are making? It shouldn’t matter if you are using the demo api key or your production api key.


@pmanca It seems the api responses are kinda of cached as it toke about 30m/1h for it to update. But its returning the value now. This also affect when you try to change the offset value of the query so you can get the next set of data. Will there be a way in the future where you could request the all data for all deals? Like the contacts api has? Also would be good to receive the api human readable data, instead of the id when you go to a property value.


@FilipeFerreira I’m glad it is working now. It shouldn’t really be taking that long though. The Contacts API won’t return all the data for all contacts either. This is on purpose to limit the payload size of data being sent so time outs won’t occur. This provides a more consistent experience with the APIs. In both cases the get all end point will return a subset of properties along with the ID. If you would like to get all the properties for a specific deal or contact you would need to hit the end point for deal/contact by ID.