[Deals API] Sales pipeline - Contact autofill property by huspot



Hi there,

In my project, we have to sync deals from ecommerce website to hubspot.

When we set the 'dealstage' property to 'Close won' with API, some properties in associate contact ('recent_deal_amount', 'recent_deal_close_date') should be set automatically.

It's not the case but when we set 'dealstage' manually, contact is auto update.

Any information about this?
I would like to know if auto update works with API.



Hi @svi,

Yes, the behavior should be the same whether the deal stage was changed in the UI or via the Deals API.

Can you share links to a few contacts whose values were not updated when you changed their associated deals to "Closed Won" via the API?


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

Thanks for your time.
Here, some contact who have deals with "Closed Won" state.


Hi @svi,

Thank you for the examples.

Although those deals are "Closed Won," none of them have values for closedate. In my tests, I confirmed that the recent_deal_amount and recent_deal_close_date contact properties rely on the deal property closedate.

When you move a deal to the "Closed Won" stage in the UI, the Close date property is set automatically, but you must set it through the Deals API if you wish the associated contact properties to update.