Deals from Hubspot in Google Ads



do you know is there any possibility to import to Google Ads(AdWords) deals(conversions) from Hubspot through api with gclid? Just like the Salesforce integration - offline conversion option.



Hi @Max_Verseo,

I'm not sure I understand the use case you're describing. Are you looking to import Google Adwords conversions into HubSpot as deals? Or are you looking to export deals associated with Google Adwords conversions? The former is possible, so long as you can 'translate' the conversions into the format required for HubSpot deals. The latter might be possible, but it would depend on the exact situation and I'd need more details to be sure.


It's about the second situation.
If we sign a contract with a customer who originally came to us from Google Adwords(source of contact) - we note it in Hubspot as a deal. Then I would like to import this deal into Google Adwords as offline conversions with the contract value.


Hi @Max_Verseo,

I understand; thank you for the clarification. The "Original source type" deal property tracks the original source for the associated contact (or associated company if there is no contact) with the oldest value for the Time first seen property. For deals associated with contacts who first came from paid search, this property will reflect that source.


okay, we are trying now to do this same thing. we'd like to be able to upload the offline conversions after the conclusion of our sales process back to adwords, so we can track which ads/audiences/segments/search-terms/etc are ultimately responsible for converting sales.

each click from google will include a gclid querystring value. our forms can pick that value up, presumably, and pass it to a deal. we can setup a deal with a custom property that holds this value.

then, i'm thinking we SHOULD be able to pull down a report of closed deals every day/week/month/etc and format into a format to then upload back into adwords to track the conversions. right?

so if we take this a step further (we're developers after all) then why can't we just do this directly? so when a deal goes into WON status, we automatically upload that via the adwords API. seems like this would work, i'd be interested to know if anyone has successfully implemented this. it seems like a very obvious capability that could be widely used.


@Derek_Gervais @cre

any updates on this?


@cre, your proposed approach is what I would recommend as well.

You can capture a visitor's gclid token value by using a hidden form field which points to a custom contact property with the internal name gclid. See this article for more information on this method.

From there, the first major roadblock we encounter is copying the contact's gclid value to a deal property, as this isn't possible with the normal "copy" workflow action. Instead, you will only be able to automatically copy this contact property value to a deal property if the deal is created in a contact-based workflow, as shown in this article.

Once the gclid token value also populates a deal property, you could set up a deal.propertyChange webhook subscription for the dealstage property. Whenever your system sees a notification that a deal's dealstage has changed to closedwon, you could then use the dealId to retrieve the deal's gclid value through this endpoint. All of this is necessary because it's not possible to filter the deals you get through this endpoint.

Once you've collected all the deal gclid values for the desired timeframe, you could then upload them to Google Ads.

I don't know of any folks who have tried and succeeded in implementing this, but it seems to work in theory.