Deals pipeline stage timestamps


Hi there,

I'm new to working with Deals, and am trying to access timestamps for when each dealname passes through each pipeline stage. I'm working with our data in Redshift, which we've pulled in using Stitch, and I can't seem to find these values.

Any guidance?




Hey Siobhan,

This endpoint will return all of your deals along with specific contact properties you specify in the request. In this case, you will want to add the parameter "&properties=dealstage" which will return the name of the current dealstage of said deal as well as a timestamp for when this dealstage was set.

Please note that this will only return the timestamp for the current dealstage. However, every property that the API returns also comes with its associated timestamp, which means that if you set properties on your deals based on specific deal stages they join then you can zero in on each stages timestamp based on said properties.


Thanks! I'm wondering if you know if the timestamps we gather by setting up properties based on our deal stages will be captured in Deal properties or Ticket properties. I ask because our ETL service doesn't support HubSpot Ticket integration, and I've been hoping to not have to build that until I have to, which may be now :wink:


Hey Sio,

It would be on the deal property! Basically, when any property on the deal gets updated there will be an associated timestamp. This means that when you use your GET request for deals just make sure to include the timestamp property in your request.