Deals sorted by Pipeline Stage and Pipeline



we are trying to build a dashboard in Klipfolio via API GET with which we want to display the value of Deals in specific Stage and specific Pipeline.

For Example

  • Pipeline 1 - Stage 1 - Sum of Value

  • Pipeline 1 - Stage 2 - Sum of Value

Once we have the call by pipeline and stage we can sum the value of the deals in Klipfolio.

Is there a way to either use the Pipeline or Deal API to make this specific request?


@steffen.360 There isn’t one call that will provide that specific result. You can however make a couple calls to find out which deals are in a pipeline and then loop through each deal to get that information. Here is a link to your deals API docs.


Hi @pmanca, was wondering if this answer was still the only approach to getting totals based on pipeline stages. I'm assuming it is based on my readings of the api docs, but wanted to double check by asking.


@markanthonydj Yes my answer from last year is still correct. Thanks for checking in!