Deals webhook events not received consumer-side



My application subscribes to various webhooks for Deals, Company and Contact.
Recently I have noticed that some of the events registered in my app's Webhook subscriptions monitoring, don't show up in my app logs.

After some testing I've narrow down some specific cases:

  1. When creating a deal, my webhook receives various deal.propertyChanged events and never receives the deal.creation event. In the Webhook subscription monitoring tab, the deal.creation event is listed as OK (200)

  2. Sometimes when deleting a Deal in Hubspot, my server doesn't receive the deal.deletion request, but it is logged in the Webhook subscription monitoring tab as OK (200).

In both cases there are no re-attempts from the Hubspot side.


Hi @Luis_Braga, I'll need some additional details for this, I'll reach out to you directly.