Dealstage, owner_id, team_id etc


hi, I am just trying to get data from Hubspot for the first time. I am calling the API successfully and passing in the properties that I want out.This all works. But for example, for dealstage I get a GUID. Presumably there is a reference list somewhere where I can match the guid to an actual description - how or where do I do this? Same for pipeline.

Similarly, hubspot_owner_id and hubspot_team_id just have numbers. This presumably references another table where I can get the details - where is this and where are these all documented? It is not obvious to me.



Hi Phil

The Deal Pipelines API will give you the Deal Stage information you're looking for:

GET /deals/v1/pipelines/:pipelineId: (link to the docs)

Similarly, the Owners API will get your team's hubspot_owner_id

GET /owners/v2/owners/ (link to docs)

Have fun