Delay between tracking and Contact availability for API changes



We’ve implemented tracking for out website and sometimes contacts that are created from tracking (with JS) are not available to be updated thru API for some time (we need to set lifecyclestage to “lead” for some contatcts).

At the same time contact can’t be created (API call returns an error) and after some noticeable delay (up to couple of minutes) contact is available in the interface and page views and events are saved for it but not the change of the lifecycle that we are trying to do thru API.

What is the proper way to change lifecycle for a contact that was just created with JS tracking?


Hi @mikhail

Are you getting any specific errors when trying to create or update the records that were created through the tracking code? It can take longer for records created that way to appear in HubSpot due to how those records are processed, but if you’re seeing the record in HubSpot I’d expect any changes made in the app to be saved to the record. Can you send me a link to an example contact record that you saw this with?


Thank you for your response David.
While enabling more detailed log I’ve found issue on my side (I used wrong rest API point to create non-existent contact). So the problem is solved.