Delay for SMART content display after Form Submission



Hello all,

I need help with a delay in loading a thank you page using f.e. javascript. Any help on that is welcome.

we have set up a LP with a Form and this form has a field country. After the Form is submitted a subscriber is redirected to another page (TYP) and this TYP is set up with a SMART Content module. So depending on the country subscribers are displayed different content on the TYP.

Germany: Content A
Austria: Content B

Side note: I know SMART content cant be set up with rules based on form fields, so we used lists for the rules and subscribers are assigned to one of two lists based on the country.

The TYP load much faster than HubSpot updates the country and lists, so that the default content on the SMART TYP is always displayed and not the other one.

Germany: Content A
Austria: Content A

Possible solution:
Delay in loading a thank you page using f.e. javascript.

Id be really thankful on some help with the delay or other ideas.


Dynamic Page Content based on Form Submission

Hey @vinceccg I want to surface this thread again to see if you were able to come up with a solution to this problem. I'm running into the issue right now myself and it appears we're the only two people who've been looking for a solution. Keeping my fingers crossed that you were able to get something together!


Hi @ditty! Unfortunately no. We have to use generic texts after from submission. Form fields need to long to update lists and we havent found a way to solve this.


Hi @vinceccg and @ditty,

Smart content based on contact properties is almost always going to fall short here; either the page always displays the default content, or the artificial delay introduced is long enough to ensure the smart content works (but forces visitors to sit through a seconds-long delay).

A better option is to use HubL if statements and query parameters to show targeted content. You can pull information from your form and include it in a query parameter, which can then be processed by you HubL if statements. I've included some docs below that will help with this:

Dynamic Page Content based on Form Submission