Delay in Contact Company Creation



I have noticed that HubSpot attempts to create a company for a newly created contact based on the contact’s email address domain. (Except where the domain is something like or As an aside, is this list publically available?) However, this company creation appears to be asynchronous. This means that if, after creating a contact, I immediately lookup the contact again by email address I will not see an associated company ID. However, if I introduce a small wait I will.

Is there anyway to instruct the create contact call to wait until all creations are completed before returning? Otherwise I have to introduce (and guess) an appropriate wait time in my code that requires the company ID if created. Whilst this is trivial it is not idea because for anyone that uses an email address with a domain on the aforementioned blacklist they will be subject to the same wait time with zero benefit gained.

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@mpi, There isn’t a way to have your call wait as the creations will happen one by one as soon as you notify HubSpot to create them.

That being said, if it is becoming an issue you can turn off the auto company create and associate manually in the CRM settings in the UI. You can flip it on and off as you wish so you could manually turn it off, run your script and then turn it back on .