Delete a contact list unsuccessful - returning status: 200


Hi there,

I am attempting to delete some test contact lists for an API I am writing.

The docs says a successful deletion will return a status 204, however I’m receiving 200.

I’m not entirely comfortable with HTTP requests so I know there is something wrong with my HTTP request code. The code is written in Node.js. I know there isn’t supposed to be any body information as the docs say all required information should be in the request URL.

First, here are my HTTP options

// set POST options var options = { hostname: '', path: '/contacts/v1/lists/' + listID + '?hapikey=' + hubspotAPIKey, method: 'DELETE', headers: {} // I'm unsure what headers should be present }
I finally call the request function below …

    // set up request
    request = http.request(options, function(response) {
        console.log("Status: " + response.statusCode);

        // status codes from http response
        // 204 means successful delete
        if(response.statusCode === 204) {
            // update database
            console.log("List: ["+listID+"] has been deleted!");

        // handle any events from request
        request.on('error', function(e) {
            deferred.reject("There was an error with the request - " + e);

        request.on('close', function() {
            console.log("Connection has closed.");

        request.on('finish', function() {
            console.log("Response was sent.");

    }); // end of request callback


I’m unsure if I am missing any essential information in my HTTP request. Please let me know if you can see any obvious issues. If you need more information I am happy to provide it.

Thank you for your time.


My apologies. It was not an issue with my HTTP request. It was an internal issue passing incorrect data around.

All is well!