Delete logs by API?


Hi there,

Since Hubspot currently does not allow for a “multi-domain” privacy setting. I am wondering if it would be possible to create an API that deletes all comunication between and so that our private communication within the organisation is not recorded/logged.

Sorry if this is kind of a noob question or of topic, but HubSpot helpdesk sent me here with this question.



@Bo_Mortensen What kind of communication are you trying to prevent? There isn’t a way to delete any logs through the API at the moment


Not prevent comunication, but avoid logging internal communication.


@Bo_Mortensen Would this be for logged emails being sent back and forth?


Yes, only mails between


@Bo_Mortensen Generally we have the logging turned off for internal communication. I would just advise making sure you don’t BCC or “Log to CRM” when you send internal emails. If someone opts to Log the email then it will be logged. You can always delete the Engagements afterwards through the Engagements API.