Delete Multiple Events?



We've had a large number of events created under our HubSpot account by a long-running process which essentially creates 1 event per Wordpress resource. Because of this we have hit our event limit of 10,000.

I'm looking for a way to delete multiple events but currently, it seems to be something that can only be done 1 by 1? We need to delete several thousand events so can anyone recommend a way to do this other than each one manually if possible.



Hi @HGomez,

You're correct that there currently isn't a bulk delete operation in the events UI or via the API.

While the team plans to address bulk management of events in upcoming iterations of the tool, we'll have to delete your events on our end.

To this end, could you share your Hub ID and identify a pattern or list of events you wish deleted? Conversely, if you wish to delete most events, could you provide a pattern or list of events you wish retained while all others are deleted?


Can write a script that will delete one at a time, at least so?


Hi Isaac,

My Hub ID is: 1674138

For the pattern the easiest would be to remove any events that have had less than 2 completions for the 'All Time' range. This will remove any events that have had a single completion as it seems at one point a script had been run against our site triggering an excessive number of events.

Please let me know if you need any more info.


Thanks, @HGomez. That should be doable, but I'll let you know what the team says if there are any issues.

Stay tuned!


Thanks Isaac.

Keep me updated on whether this is possible or not. :slight_smile:


Hey, @HGomez.

Thanks for your patience while I was out over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The team has confirmed this is possible, however deleting all events that have fewer than 2 completions for "all time" would still leave ~7.6K events.

Would you want us to delete all the "Downloaded YEAR_DAY_Somefile.ppt" events which seem to have caused the issue?

Let me know!