Delete timeline event through api


I need to delete some specific timeline events I created by mistake in Hubspot. I saw in documentation it is explained only to create/edit timeline event, but nothing about deleting
If it is not possible, may I provide you a list of events I need to delete and you clear them from my DB?

Please note I need to delete a specific timeline event, not a timeline event type.

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Timeline API event doesn't appear on UI

@Davide_Cazzaniga At the moment we do not have that functionality through our APIs. You could try calling support and see if they can do it. I know they have permission to get into your actual DB as they can restore contacts and other objects. They might be able to delete a specific event as well.



There is almost a year after last response. So, I would like to ask is there anything new about possibility to delete timeline events? Is it planned to do so? If no, where we can submit that request, because it’s doesn’t make sense that you can create and update but not to delete timeline events.

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Hi @Dani,

Events are intended to reflect actions/occurrences that occur and remain associated with a contact. Is there a particular reason you need to delete timeline events? If you send me info on the event in question I can investigate.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

thank you for your reply.
Yes, you are right about Timeline event purpose and we are using in the same way.
Sometime there is need to delete timeline event of specific user. Reason could be - there is test event which should be deleted or there is wrong (created by mistake) event.
The source of Hubspot Timeline Events is our custom CRM system and sometimes when we need to fix test or wrong saved event, we are able to do so only in our system, but we are unable to delete from Hubspot, because the event is already saved in Hubspot.

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Hi @Dani,

If you have timeline events that were created by mistake, can you direct message me the details and I can look into removing them? Adding an endpoint to delete timeline events isn’t on the teams radar at the moment, but I can try to help fix some mistaken events if they’re causing you trouble.